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Computer Lady LLC provides total remote computer repair and online PC support by addressing all your PC-related worries. No "team" of overseas people, just me, right here in America. I specialize in remote PC support - Effortlessly connecting to your machine remotely to put your PC tech issues to bed once and for all. You sit back and watch, as I resolve and protect your computer from further issues. With online PC support from Computer Lady LLC, you can use your computer hassle-free…always!


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Call me at 970-255-1216 Tell me your computer headache and I'll let you know if I can fix it or not free of charge. Don’t forget, I can also remove viruses and also tune up your computer if its running slow. Don't waste your time calling overseas and trusting them inside your computer. You can't be too sure these days.


Connect _

I will tell you exactly what I need from you to connect to your PC to address your issues. You simply call me and I will walk you through downloading a small file, and within minutes I am able to start working on your PC over a secure encrypted connection.


Fix _

Finally, I will work on your computer while you kick back and watch the process. It's actually quite fun and a heck of a relief. Once I'm successful, you will confirm the work was done properly and once you confirm it, I will ask for your payment information and permanently disconnect from your computer. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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