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Frequently Asked Computer Questions

This only skims the surface.  Ask me anything.  I want to be your Computer Support Specialist!​

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What if my printer won't print?

Printer won't print

There are lots of reasons for this.  First, if you hit the print button and a blank sheet of paper shoots out there is nothing wrong with your printer.  It is out of ink.  I see this a lot.  If that isn’t the problem, try unplugging your printer from the electricity.  Wait a few minutes and turn it back on.  Also try restarting the computer.  Unfortunately, the printer companies will on occasion update the drivers (software) for the printer without notice.  If the printer is giving you a “driver not found” or “offline” error.  It might be time for some Remote IT Support.

How do I know if an email is SPAM?

Is email SPAM

The first, best way to know is to look at where the message came from.  Not the name, but the actual email address from where it was sent.  Second, assume it’s SPAM.  If it’s a warning from your bank or somewhere you do business call that place through your own means…not the number on the email.  Finally, looking at a SPAM will not harm your computer.  It’s only when you click on something inside the message, or call the number they provide, that you can get into trouble.

Do I need antivirus?

Do I need Antivirus

Yes.  But you don’t necessarily need all the other programs that most security companies are trying to sell you.  Why spend up to $100 per year per computer for programs you won’t use and don’t need? I can install a safe, secure antivirus program that won’t slow you down or try to sell you more products.  In addition, I monitor your computer.  So, if your machine encounters a threat, the antivirus program will do its job to block or remove it.  IT also sends ME an email to notify me of what happened.  That way, if I think you need more attention, I can let you know.  And, if you ever get that screen and wonder if you might a have a virus you can just call me and ask.  No more calls to some overseas IT Support.

Will Microsoft notify me of a virus on my computer?

Will Microsoft notify me

NEVER! This is a big scam that has been going on for years.  The screens or phone calls alert you that your computer has a virus.  It warns that you shouldn’t turn off the computer and you need to call a phone number immediately.  Once you do that, you are open to all types of malicious activity.  How deceptive the scam only depends on the scammer.  You can be tricked into spending money and have your banking information taken.  Ask me how I can provide you with complete virus removal and a security program that I monitor to ensure your maximum protection.

Do I need updates?

Do I need updates

Yes and no.  These days most programs, including Windows, will automatically update themselves.  The problem is that they don’t always restart your computer automatically.  Especially Windows.  It’s important to restart your computer often.  If you are getting any notices to restart, do it.  Shutting down doesn’t always work.

Do I need a backup?

Do I need a backup

If you have created anything…documents, photos, banking that you can’t replace? Then yes, you need a backup.  I can help you decide on your best option and then get it backed up for you.

What is a Cloud?

What is a cloud

Cloud is the Internet’s word for online backup.  All the big companies have huge computers that work like storage units.  Those are their “Clouds”.  For example, Microsoft is One Drive.  Google is Google Drive and Apple is iCloud.  They want to copy all your personal stuff to their cloud. If you save on one cloud it will not show up on another.  If you’re getting notices that “your cloud is full”, and you didn’t even know you were using one, it’s time for an appointment.

If you don't see what you need here, feel free to contact me for inquires about computer repair services!

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